• Fourteen to twenty-five year olds from underdeveloped countries in the global south and struggling communities around the world.

  • Adolescents in youth-focused educational, vocational, arts-based, therapeutic and anti-exploitation NGOs and NPOs.

  • Passionate young adults with an historic opportunity and personal desire to lead the future of media for their community and the world.

  • The next generation of idea creators, filmmakers, content producers, performers, marketers, camera men & women and media entrepreneurs.


  • A 501(c)3 non-profit organisation formally based in the US with operational headquarters in Japan and members around the world.

  • Professional idea-leaders representing a wide-range of disciplines, media skills, socio-economic backgrounds, cultural and sexual identities.

  • Hopeful that our dedicated work as Minor Act facilitators can make a measurable impact in our students’ lives and the people they touch.

  • Open to collaborate with relevant NGOs, commercial creators, artists, professors, media organisations, schools, production technology companies, brands.